User Administration Help

My Account – User Administration
Designate a user who will serve as the Administrator for your account.  The User Administrator is responsible for managing account access and roles of your users. 
The User Administrator tool lets admins manage their users by:
  • Inviting New users
  • Managing existing users
  • Assigning Roles to each user
  • Un-approving users
  • Password changes
Accessing User Administration
The administrator will access the User Administration menu from their My Accounts page. 

User Administration Page  
The User Administration page includes a list of users assigned to your company.  The page displays the user name, role and status of each user. 
You can use the Search function to search for individual users.  Unapproved users are hidden unless you click on the Show Unapproved Users checkbox and click search.

Invite New User

New users can be invited to access your company information or can register on the website.  The administrator can invite New User by using the orange button on the User Administration page.  Fill out and submit the required fields and the user will be invited via email. Fields include:
  1. Enter the users company email address
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Assign Roles
User Must Complete Registration

After the User has been submitted, they will receive an email invitation to access the account. The user must click on the link in the email to complete their registration. They will need to confirm and set a password then complete their registration by entering a security code.
Once the user submits their registration, they will be emailed a security code.  The user should carefully cut-and-paste the code. After the user submits the security code, the user will be approved to access their account.
New users can also register on the website and enter the Bill-to account number. Those users will have a Status of New Registrant until approved by the Admin.  When the user registers, the Admin will receive a notification email. The user will receive a notification email letting them know who will be approving their registration.  Once the Admin assigns the users role and changes the user Status to Approved, the user will have access to the account. 
Contact your sales associate to learn more or designate a User Administrator for your organization.