3" x 0.8125" 250 VAC / VDC 45 A Ferrule Time Delay Fuse - Class RK5, Dual Element

569647 MFG #: 82041
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Tri-Onic TR-R Current-Limiting Time-Delay Fuses are Engineered for Overcurrent Protection of Motors, Transformers, Service Entrance Equipment, Feeders and Branch-Circuits; The Time-Delay Characteristics of the TR-R Safely Handle Harmless Starting Currents and Inrush Currents Associated with Today's Motors and Transformers; Current-Limiting; AC and DC Rated; Time-Delay for Motor Start-Ups and Transformer Inrush Currents without Nuisance Opening; Current-Limiting for Low Peak Let-Thru Current; Rejection-Style Design Prevents Replacement Errors (When Used with Recommended Fuse Blocks); Easy-To-Read Label for Quick Brand Recognition and Replacement; Metal-Embossed Date and Catalog Number for Traceability and Lasting Identification; Fiberglass Body Provides Dimensional Stability in Harsh Industrial Settings; High-Grade Silica Filler Ensures Fast Arc Quenching and High Current Limitation
Time Delay Fuse; Type Class RK5; Characteristics Dual Element, Time Delay; Voltage Rating 250 Volt AC/DC; Current Rating 45 Amp; Interrupting Rating 200 Kiloamp (AC), 20 Kiloamp (DC); Terminal Type Ferrule; Diameter 13/16 Inch; Length 3 Inch; Approval UL, CSA; Body Material Polyester