Universal Definite Purpose Contactor - Titan Max, 24 V Coil, 40 A Inductive, 50 A Resistive, 1-Pole

546961 MFG #: TMX140A2
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Universal Metal Mounting Plate Allows for Complete Ease of Replacement; Long Electrical Life Tested to 250000 Cycles; Reliable Mechanical Life Tested to 1000000 Cycles; EE Magnet Assembly Assures Optimal Performance without Sacrificing Power Consumption; Performance Unaffected by Mounting Position; Flexible Termination Options Suitable for Various Applications; Dust-Free Internal Constructions; Removable Contact Inspection Plate
Definite Purpose Contactor; Type Universal; Number of Poles 1; Power Rating/Voltage 600 Volt AC; Current Rating 40 Amp; Inductive Ampere 40 Amp; Resistive Ampere 50 Amp; Coil Voltage 24 Volt; Approval ARI 780/790; Current Rating 240 Amp at 240 Volt AC (Locked Rotor), 200 Amp at 480 Volt AC (Locked Rotor), 160 Amp at 600 Volt AC (Locked Rotor); Material Superior Copper Coil