6" Long Sewer Air Test Ball Plug - Natural Rubber, 30 psi

36139 MFG #: 271063
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The Cherne's Long Test-Ball Plugs are Designed for Waste Stack Testing Sealing the Rise and the Run to Perform the Test; These Long Ball Plugs Can also be Used to Seal the Wye to Conduct Sewer Air Tests; Molded-In Sealing Ribs at Each End of the Plug Ensure a Leak-Free Seal; Ring and Chain Assembly Help Prevent the Plug from Being Drawn into the DWV Plumbing System During Testing
Pipe Plug; Item Test Ball Plug; Type Long; Plug/Ball Diameter 6"; Plug/Ball Length 28.25" Deflated; Material Natural Rubber; Operation Type Pneumatic; Inflation Valve Type Molded-In Sealing Rib; Inflation Pressure 30 PSI; Allowable Test/Back Pressure 13 PSI; Allowable Pressure Head 30'; Inclusions/Features 3" Extension Hose, Ring and Chain Assembly, Molded-In Sealing Rib, Leak-Free Seal, Standard Car-Tire Inflation Valve; Application Waste Stack Testing, Sewer Air Test; Pipe Usage Range 5.55 to 6.25"; Deflated Diameter 28.25"; Packaging Quantity 1 per Carton