15000 BTU Pilot Gas Burner Ignition System - Natural / LP Gas, Universal, 24 VAC

127645 MFG #: Y8610U4001/U
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Provides 100 Percent Pilot Gas Shutoff if Pilot Fails to Light; After 6-Minute Delay, Trial for Ignition is Repeated; Ignition Trail/Delay Sequence is Repeated Until the Appliance Lights or Call for Heat is Removed
Pilot Gas Burner Ignition System; Type Universal; Fuel Type Natural/LP Gas; Ignition Source Internal High Voltage Spark Generator; Size 5-7/16" Width x 2-5/8" Depth x 3-15/16" Height; Voltage Rating 24 Volt AC at 60 Hertz; Current Rating 1 Amp (Pilot), 2 Amp (Main); Ambient Temperature Rating -40 to 165 Deg F; Flame Sense Single Rod/Two Rod; Lockout Timing 15/90 Second; Capacity 150 BTU/Hour; Includes VR8204A2142 Gas Valve, Ignition Module, Pilot Burner Hardware, Ignition Cable and Wiring Harness