Class 1 Plain End Flexible Insulated HVAC Air Duct - 25' x 7", 5000 FPM, R4.2

440893 MFG #: 17002407
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Air-Tight Inner Core - Energy Efficient/No Fiberglass Erosion into Air Stream; Encapsulated Wire Helix - No Unraveling When Cut to Length/Quick Installation; Smooth Inner Core - Low Friction Loss/Low Operating Cost; Thick Blanket of Fiberglass Insulation - Energy Efficient/Excellent Thermal Characteristic; Tough Reinforced Grey Polyester Jacket - Tear and Puncture Resistant/Low Maintenance; Lightweight Compact Carton - Reduces Warehouse and Jobsite Handling Cost; A Double Lamination of Tough Polyester Which Encapsulates a Steel Wire Helix Forms the Air-Tight Inner Core; The Double Layer Core of Each Product is Wrapped in Multiple Thickness of Fiberglass Insulation; All Three Products are Sheathed in a Rugged and Durable Tri-Directional Reinforced Grey Polyester Jacket; Green Guard Certified
HVAC Air Duct; Type Class 1, Plain End, Flexible, Insulated; Insulation Type Thick Blanket Fiberglass, R-4.2; Burning Character Maximum Flame Spread 25, Maximum Smoke Developed 50; Air Velocity 5000 FPM; Rated Positive Pressure 6 Inch WG; Rated Negative Pressure 3/4 Inch WG; Jacket Material Tough Reinforced Grey Polyester; Core Material 2-Ply Polyester; Length 25 Foot; Width 7 Inch; Temperature Rating -20 to 140 Deg F (Continuous); Applicable Standard ASTM C518, NFPA 90A/90B, UL 181, ADC, IMC, IRC, UMC 10-1, HUD 515-2.1; Vapor Transmission Rate 0.05 Perm; Application Indoor, Residential/Commercial, Air Duct System, Air Conditioning System, Diffuser, Light Troffer, Room Inlet, Low to Medium Operating Pressure HVAC System